5 Ways to Leverage Technology During COVID-19

Leverage Technology might not avert the pandemic from occurring, but it can surely help avoid its spread. The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the vulnerabilities of Indian workplaces with obsolete entry and attendance management systems.

Many offices within the country believe manual systems and a biometric attendance machine with fingerprints.

which can present significant risks of virus transmission amidst the Covid-19 situation.

There is an urgent need to leverage technology driven solutions which will help prevent the spread of the virus and permit organizations to guard their employees.

Such technical solutions are not any longer a choice but an important requirement taking a middle stage.

Let us check out a number of the leverage technology driven equipment to form the workplace a secure space:

  1. Touchless Biometric Attendance Machine
    The first step towards restarting office premises during and after the pandemic would be to spot any hygiene threats.
  2. appropriate changes to places/spots inside the workplace where workers may are available close contact with common objects or people. These spaces may include entry, exit, and similar other points.

Outdated methods of recording employee arrival and departure should get replaced by leverage technology-enabled, new-age.

Biometric attendance machines fitted with face recognition scanning technology use AI-based computer vision to capture.

One such next-generation touchless biometric attendance machine is KENT CamAttendance that gives face recognition during a fraction of a second & with an accuracy of 99.9%.

It also comes with a patented algorithm to differentiate between a true person and a photo; hence it’s downright error-free, unlike other biometric attendance machines.

Besides these features, it’s an in-built algorithm for mask detection that helps in ensuring.

  1. Automated Thermal Cameras
    Besides suspending the fingerprint biometric attendance machine, the govt of India.
  2. This method is time-consuming when performed manually.
  3. It could end in long queues outside the office entrance.
  4. which can successively be non-compliant to the principles of social distancing.
  5. With innovative technologies like thermal imaging and AI, employee body-temperature screening is often conducted in a fully automated.

Many offices have already introduced groundbreaking tools, like AI-based tablets with thermal scanners and thermal imaging cameras.

Some companies are now utilizing tech-based solutions that combine automatic temperature scanning with face recognition software.

  1. Cameras
    Office entry points also draw an enormous crowd, making it difficult for security guards to conduct social distancing.
  2. Advanced leverage technology solutions help make sure that both staff and guests adhere to social distancing rules.

Such applications can collect data in real-time and show visibility of the entire number of individuals during a specific area.

With social distancing and biometric attendance machines being the new trend, companies.

  1. mask Detection With AI
    Wearing face masks can significantly reduce Covid-19’s transmission risk.
  2. Such ignorance could pose significant occupational health hazards and potentially infect hundreds unless comprehensive.

This is where AI-based mask detectors inherit the image .

These systems can identify people without masks, send warnings on face-mask breaches to the authorities.

There are a couple of biometric attendance machines that provide this functionality, like KENT CamAttendance.

  1. Real-Time People Counting Solutions
    Office entry points draw a substantial crowd, which makes it difficult for security guards to impose social distancing.
  2. However, advanced technology solutions will make sure that both staff and guests adhere to social distancing rules.

These applications can collect data in real-time and keep count of the entire number of individuals during a premise.

With social distancing becoming a necessity publicly places, companies are now turning to cameras attending systems.

The current pandemic has brought the worth of integrating leverage technology like touchless biometric attendance machine and thermal cameras into workplace getting to corporations’ realizations.

Many reliable brands are offering next-gen touchless face biometric attendance machines just like the KENT CamAttendance.

they provide various benefits like AI-based computer vision for marking the attendance, mask detection.

you’ll book your demo and know more about its specifications in additional detail!