After several beta updates, the all-new Android 11 features are finally available to its users.

If you’re one of those that are eagerly expecting this update, then there’s just about to urge excited about.

you’ll find subtle tweaks that can make an enormous difference within the way you employ your phone regularly.

Like, the brand-new Bubbles chat feature which makes the messaging via any app pretty simple. aside from this.

there are several other features; to understand more about it, take a glance below.

Here a number of the highest and exclusive Android 11 features are discussed.

Quick Controls Feature

After installing Android 11, all you would like to try to do is mention the New Quick Controls screen for your smart home devices.

you’ll easily do so by long-pressing the facility button.

you’ll get this feature within the below.

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Most of the time, your phone automatically picks up a couple of devices that are being linked to Google Assistant.

For your convenience, it allows you to easily add or remove any smart home devices from this grid. For that, you would like to easily tap the Menu button then select Add or Edit Controls.

Hold on behalf of me Feature

Now, Google Assistant can serve hold for you with this exclusive feature. This new trick allows you to try to do whatever you would like to do.

it’ll provide you with a warning with a notification when someone answers it finally.

To access this feature on your phone, it’s important to show off the vibration or sound, then call a toll-free number.

In the in-call screen, you’ll get a Hold on behalf of my button.

which you would like to press while placing your turn hold.

Now, click on the beginning button and you’ll get a screen which will remind you of to not hang up.

At that moment, you’ll neither be ready to play a video nor are going to be ready to hear music.

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Bubble Chat for Messaging

Similar to that of Messenger’s “Chat Heads” feature, this feature also when gets activated shows abreast of the screen.

you only got to click on the avatar and a little window will open.

where you’ll be ready to end and skim new messages during a thread, even without opening the app.

Bubbles are quite convenient to use features and it depends on you.

whether you would like to use Bubbles for a conversation or not.

you’ll also completely disable this feature.

In case you’re a university student and interested to understand the Android 11 feature.

but failing to urge the time to understand more about its specifications, then choose a paper writing service.

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An In-built Screen Recorder

Sometimes a recording is far better than capturing screenshots; and therefore the all-new Android 11 allows you to try to do so with its in-built screen recorder features.

To enable this screen recording feature, all you would like to try to do after installing Android 11 is that attend the fast Settings panel.

There you’ll get to seek out the Screen Record Tool.

If it’s not visible, then you would like to click on the Pencil icon and add it to your panel.

In addition to those described above, Android 11 also get fancier music controls, app-pinning to the share sheet.

With these updated Android 11 features, your smartphone will become smarter than ever before.

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