An Alt Tag for SEO: How to Optimize Your Website Images?

Alt Tag for SEO: Let us share with you some interesting information about the Alt text. This can be a secret ingredient of your SEO recipe. 

Starting with what is Alt Text, take a look to know the details. 

What is “Alt Text (Alternative text)?”

Alternative Text is a short description of the image which explains the image to the search engine. Alt Text is written in HTML, but the text is not visible on the page. 

According to Google’s guidelines, the alt text description should be short which should represent the image, its content, purpose, or function. 

Why is the Alt Text (Alternative text) is important in SEO? 

There are many important factors, but the two most essential reasons why is alt text important in SEO. The first reason is appearing on search engine result pages and the other is the convenience of visually impaired people.

Let’s dive into the first important reason. The search engines like Google offers image results similar to the text results or recommendations. The alt text helps your page rank in the image result with image optimization. 

The description that you provide in the alt text, is matched with the searches and presented at relevant searches. 

Providing convenience to visually impaired

There are millions of visually impaired users of the internet, and there are many more who uses screen readers to engross the online content. 

In this, the content which is on the screen along with the images is converted into audio. 

The alt text helps the reader grasp the content, purpose, or function of the image.

If the alt text is missing, then the screen readers skip the images, read the baseless and meaning fewer file names out loud.

The few other important factors about the importance of alt text are: 

  • Enhances user experience

Fore mostly it enhances the user experience for the visually impaired users. This is a larger group of the audience when taken into consideration. 

  • Assist in improving Google ranking

You have a great opportunity to rank on google with images. 

Google shows the search results in terms of the images on top. This can be attention-grabbing for the users and attract the audience to your web page through images.  

A good technique and knowledge of alt text can be of great help in SEO. 

  • Furnish the image SEO

The alt text in images assists in the image SEO and enhances the user experience by making it more user friendly. You can administer titles to the images which will provide SEO benefits to it. 

With alt text, you get an opportunity to add your target keywords to enhance the ranking. 

Alt text is very beneficial for SEO. 

How to write an Alt text for website image?

Content plays an important role in SEO. Digital marketers are always in search of quality content that can help in ranking through SEO. An interesting fact is the images can also help you improve the ranks. 

Crafting a good Alt text for your images can be of great benefit for SEO, let’s see how.

  • Keyword research

Keywords are the key factor in SEO. Similarly adding keywords to the alt text will enhance its quality and ranking. Before you write the alt text, do good keyword research.

Try out keywords which are having higher search volume. Add keywords with less competition.

Alt text: Hand using laptop and press screen to search browsing on the internet online

  • Avoid keyword stuffing

may it be content for web pages or the alt text. Make sure you add the precise keyword in appropriate density. You can hire the SEO company in Atlanta, USA to grow your business.

No need to add keywords to all the images on the web pages, to avoid keyword density. 

Add one focused keyword to the alt text of images. Add the descriptive context to the image. 

  • Don’t specify alt text with “image of…”

The search engine is well aware of the fact that it refers to the image. There is no need to add or start the alt text with “It is the image of…” or similar context. The alt text should be short but descriptive. 

  • Write compact Alt text

Avoid lengthy Alt text. The lengthy alt text is never attractive for the users. It sounds worse with screen readers and will diminish the user experience.

Therefore, it is important to keep the Alt text meaningful but short and not lengthy. 

Be very clear with the Alt text and explain the image clearly with the focused keyword. 

  • Add unique content

Avoid using the content which already in use or present on the web page. Let the Alt text be unique for the image. This unique content should be free of verbosity and be very precise. 

With all the above the Alt text contributes to the SEO of the webpage through image SEO and elevates the ranking of the page. 

This technique is must-have for any Search Engine Optimization strategy and plan. 

This is an organic technique for getting organic traffic and ranking. 

If you have got images good enough to attract the audience, then it will be very helpful in driving the audience through them. 


Many times people follow the images to the destination webpage for indulging into the complete web page content or blogs. 

 You can use this, especially for your blogs the images which are infographics can drive the audience very well. 

The infographics are preferred, by most of the users for getting a brief idea about the content. Thus users follow these graphics or images and land onto the destination pages.

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