athenahealth EMR Software: Features, Demo, and Reviews

athenahealth medical software is a combination of powerful features that aid in keeping a record of the patient’s visit. You can also combine other services with the athenahealth EMR software, such as a patient portal, a billing system, and even a practice management solution. 

athenahealth EMR is one of the top EMR software that consists of several modules covering clinical, administrative, and billing activities. athenahealth EMR software is available as cloud-based or local software in a variety of healthcare settings. In addition, the software is reasonably priced for small clinics. Keep a watch out for this post, which will provide a concise overview of all of the essential features of athenahealth EMR that can be beneficial for your practice. 

Significant Features of athenahealth EMR Software 

According to athenahealth EMR software reviews, the software makes it simple to practice medicine. Thanks to its multiple robust features, you can streamline your workflow with a few clicks. Continue reading to find out more! 

Web-based Patient Portal  

According to user reviews, incorporating a patient portal into your medical EMR software benefits you and your patients. This is why, among other things, athenahealth EMR Software gives your patients a patient portal via which they may organize appointments, keep track of forthcoming meetings, sign papers, and pay invoices. 

While patients appreciate it, it is also advantageous because you no longer have to do as much administrative work previously. For example, because athenahealth EMR Software performs everything for you, you don’t have to organize appointments, send appointment reminders, or do anything else. 


The majority of interoperability supports open data sharing but does not incorporate it for therapeutic purposes. athenahealth EMR software, on the other hand, is one-of-a-kind. It gathers data from any reliable source and integrates it into the recipient’s healthcare activities. This gives patients greater autonomy over how they seek care and involves making more informed care decisions. 

Optimized Tasks  

athenahealth medical software handles many administrative and technical tasks that would otherwise limit your ability to give high-quality care to your patients. For example, the integrated Practice management system can help you optimize administrative obligations by digitizing them. With the help of the robust features, you can streamline your clinical, organizational and, financial tasks. 

Easy to Navigate Interface     

Implementing a wide selection of EMR options available on the market can take several months. Athenahealth best EMR software, on the other hand, completes the work in around half the time. Furthermore, the athenahealth dashboard is so easy that even inexperienced users can utilize it after a brief demo. During the athenahealth EMR demo, you can explore the numerous features and functionalities of the athenahealth EMR. 

Remote Access 

You can use the athenahealth EMR system even while you are not in the office. Because the application is housed in the cloud, you can access it and from any location. So you can, for example, use the athenahealth EMR to send and receive online reminders to your patients while on the go. 

User-friendly Dashboard  

The very user-friendly workflow dashboard is another excellent feature of athenahealth EMR Software that you may benefit from. The software has a dashboard, which according to athenahealth EMR reviews, is straightforward to use. Utilizing this functionality, you can manage your patients, communications, and obligations from a single, consolidated area. You no longer have to rummage about it because every aspect of your software is now accessible from a single location. This athenahealth EMR Software feature also saves you a significant amount of time and work, which justifies the athenahealth EMR pricing. 

Streamlined Patient Documentation     

One of the most important benefits, according to athenahealth EMR reviews, is the ability to speed up the documentation process. In addition, the technology allows you to maintain paper records and update them in real-time on the EMR, freeing you time to provide special treatment. 

e-Prescription Tool   

With an e-prescription feature, you may virtually write prescriptions and authorize refills for your patients at any time without requiring them to visit your medical practice. This feature is quite helpful since it allows both you and your patient to enjoy the convenience of not having to come into your office just to get a prescription paper. Aside from that, athenahealth EMR Software’s e-prescription application searches for and accounts for any drug interactions you should be aware of, ensuring your safety and security. 

athenahealth EMR Pricing 

athenahealth EMR pricing is not disclosed to the public; hence you need to contact the vendor to get a quote for your practice. 

athenahealth EMR Reviews   

Reading athenahealth EMR reviews will explain to you more about the program, including its pros and cons. However, for your convenience, a summary of the most frequently encountered benefits and drawbacks of athenahealth EMR Software is provided below. 


  • The EMR is web-based and quite handy. You can navigate with little to no training. 
  • When compared to others in the market, the UI is extremely user-friendly and straightforward to use. You can easily navigate via the system. 
  • The athenahealth medical software offers a web-based interface so you can access it while on the go. 
  • The software is HIPPA compliant to ensure your data is safe and secure.  


  • Data from several athenahealth EMR reviews show that the most common complaint was their customer service being terrible. They cannot understand your difficulties in a single effort. As a result, resolving any concerns takes longer. 
  • Frequent updates cause the system to slow down, which hinders your workflow.  

Is athenahealth EMR Software Worth an Investment?  

After reading the top features and reviews about athenahealth EMR Software, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth the money. While we cannot recommend any EMR software without first learning about your medical setup and its needs, we can help you decide.  

You can make a list of all the features you’d want to see in software and compare it to the features present in athenahealth medical software. Aside from that, you can ask the seller for an athenahealth EMR demo to see how the program functions in practice.

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