Best Design Bar Stools from famous brands In Use

Design Bar Stools: Every bar is different. One bar is an extension of the worktop, the other a separate bar in the kitchen. The function of a bar can also differ. Do you have the bar to sit at during breakfast or cooking?

Or is the bar intended as a replacement for the dining table.

you want to dine at it with friends and family for a long time?

It is important when choosing a bar stool that you know what you are going to use it for. If you want to be able to sit comfortably, it is important that the difference between the top of the bar or counter and the seat height is a maximum of 30 cm.

New Styles

This is especially nice when there is a family where the height varies greatly between the persons.

Adjustable and swivel bar stools are usually 80 cm high and fixed stools are usually 65 or 75 cm high.

An ideal bar height is 90 to 110 cm high. Higher bars require extra high bar stools. We also have those in our range. If you maintain 60 cm per room per seat, you can easily calculate how many bar stools can fit at your bar.

Design bar stools from famous brands

Design Bar stools come in all shapes and sizes. High-quality brands are now specialized in the production of bar stools in which safety and stability are included in the design process.

Lapalma with the Lem bar stool is a good example of this and Magis with the Bombo.

Both design bar stools are available in different colors and sizes.

The Italian Midj has a collection of comfortable bar stools with a soft cushion and high back, which is very nice if you want to dine longer.

Design bar stools in use

We have a very wide collection of bar stools made of wood, leather, plastic, and fabric.

Lapalma is one of the few manufacturers that has chosen to finish the bar stools with stainless steel. When you choose to place a bar stools in the kitchen, think about maintenance.

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