What types of diagnostic devices are available?

In fact, there are three different ways to get diagnostic values for your car. The link to the vehicle is formed through the OBD2 port but more about it later. These are the possibilities:
Fully-fledged diagnostic devices with their own monitor
Diagnostics via software on a laptop/PC
Mobile apps

1. Fully-fledged diagnostic devices with their own monitor

You can work as a technician with a touch screen diagnostic system. Full-featured machine means it has its own display and applications. Most appliances are small and lightweight. Others may not be larger than a navigation instrument or a tablet.
Most of these devices are designed to address a single task and often have the most features possible (compared to an app, for example). You’re going to spend more on LHB. Ultrasonic pest repellents costing up to €2,000 can be purchased. In the center, the most costly helmets perform well.
From our point of view, these devices are of benefit only to used car dealers. For those who want to know if their car has defective diagnostic systems, the price could be a little too expensive.

2 . Diagnostics via software on laptop/PC

It’s not a separate unit, and it’s a constant programme. It is also important to own a laptop on which you have the diagnostic software installed. The PC can then connect to the vehicle via Wi-Fi or BlueTooth via an OBD2 adapter. A USB connection is also possible.
This choice has two drawbacks. You need to have a laptop in your car before reading or analyzing the results. This is something that makes the method of recording study data less easy. However, software upgrades will not always happen. So, you might miss some important data.

3 . Mobile Phone Apps

types of diagnostic devices: Our favorite choice is to use a smartphone. There are several applications available for diagnosing cars for iOS and Android. There are three major advantages to this decision. Apps are typically cheaper than alternatives. Second, you’re still up to date when they change their status in the background, and third, they’re easy to use.
Now you know how smartphones are operating. The car is connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can view the details while driving, and it will be stored as a record for future use.
You will have access to these data with the adapter. It looks like a very wide 6-pin connector. Seven pins are intended for the manufacturer only and do not serve any reason for OBD. This adapter and mobile phone also communicate via a Bluetooth chip or Wi-Fi (if this does not work via a cable).

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