How Computer Monitoring Saves Our Kids’ Life?

The need for computer monitoring is becoming more and more pressing nowadays for many reasons. The current pattern has found traces in the augmented instances of cyberbullying and harassment attacks targeted at kids.

The problems of cyber predating, sex offending, phishing, scamming, harassment, and cyberbullying have urged the parents to incorporate an extensive protocol and mechanism for child security and safety.

The kids facing these issues start isolating them; they do not take part in social gatherings and don’t go to their friend’s circle. The problem starts haunting them even more when they don’t share the depleting situation with their parents and family members.

They do not share the problem with anyone because of the fear of reputation and credibility loss in the family’s eyes. The reason for the rise of these problems is the excessive use of digital networks and gadgets by the kids.

Nowadays, kids use unsupervised internet, which paves a way into exploiting them, the cyber criminals and kids offenders do this for many reasons. The most pressing reasons include gaining monetary benefits through identifying the financial details of the parents of the kids.

The child offenders do this by getting into the lives of kids; they initially get connected to the kids through the internet and get into their personal network, then after knowing their personal life secrets.

US Mental Health Institution

The US mental health institution’s report revealed that more than 68% of the children receiving mental health treatment have suffered some sort of cyberbullying and harassment in the last year.

So, the whole pattern seems very frustrating for the parents as this sort of activity affect the kids’ academic as well as moral standing.

Going around the discussion, parents need to deal with this problem efficiently so that their kids perform well in all the dynamics of life and can live up to the full.

The only solution that comes to our mind after going through all of this is using computer monitoring software that can track all the activities of the kids over the computer.

A number of services furnish computer monitoring solutions but the best solution, as analyzed, is TheOneSpy. TheOneSpy is currently the best parenting service available to parents in the spying domain.

The app has Android and iphone spying facilities as well.

Let’s have a look at some of the salient features of the app.

TheOneSpy – Best Computer Monitoring Software

Website blocking

The parent can block a number of websites that are considered as unsafe for a visit by the child. For example, there are many websites that are prone to have a presence of cybercriminals and kids offenders.

Monitoring social media

Social media is considered a major source of criminal activities on the kids.

A large number of unverified users over this network look to stalk the kids, try to connect to them, build their trust.

TheOneSpy computer monitoring software spies on all the chats either group or one-on-one, allows the parent to read the conversation, tracks multimedia, allows to listen to voice notes.

So with this set of features, if anyone looks to exploit the child through social networks. The parent can take necessary actions.

Tracking internal storage of the device

Using this feature of the TheOneSpy computer monitoring facility, the parent can stalk into the entire internal storage of the target computer/laptop.

This earns the parent a fair insight into the activities and whereabouts of the child. If there is any sort of inappropriate or sexually explicit content, and the parent can remove the same content.

Screen recording

The screen recording feature of computer monitoring software allows the parent to record the live screen activities of the kid. This provides a fair insight into all the real-time happenings taking place over the screen of the target device.

Monitoring browsing history

The parent can view the browsing history of the internet browser of the target computer.

The parent can also view bookmarks and other browser functions extensively.


The discussion goes around the merits of using computer monitoring software for kids. It has many advantages, it can protect the kids from the likes of harassment, cyberbullying, and cyber predating.

TheOneSpy is the best service that addresses the parents’ need.

It provides social media monitoring, website blocking, screen recording, browsing history monitoring, internal storage tracking, and other features.

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