How to Create Attractive Car Ads

Create Attractive Car Ads: After you have defined the value of your car for sale, the next thing to do is to create a sufficiently attractive car ad on a second-hand car page. To enhance the effectiveness of a car advertisement, at AUTO FOR TRADE we have summarized for you some of the most important aspects when advertising a car.

Choose well where to place your car ad

First of all, you must decide where you want to place your car advertisement. There are many options on the internet.

Consider the points below to choose the second-hand car page that best suits your needs:

  • Coverage: How popular is the second-hand car page where you want to advertise your vehicle? How many people visit the page and will see your ad?
  • Cost per ad:  Are you willing to pay to place an ad and increase your visibility or are you interested only in advertising cars for free?
  • Duration of publication: How long do you want the ad to be published? Many pages have publication periods for a specific or specific time.

Using social media is another efficient way to advertise free cars. Either creating a publication with the link of your ad or creating an ad directly on the portal, with photos and detailed descriptions. Your own friends will probably share your car ad with people who are looking for a second-hand car.

Post your ad on various used car pages to increase your potential for sale. Also, be sure to remove your ad immediately after you’ve sold the car, to save yourself and other interested parties time.

Write a full description of your car

The best way to catch the reader’s attention is by writing good text. Potential buyers have a better response to clear, highly descriptive text. Try to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes when writing to better understand their needs.

Basic information that your ad should have:

Every car advertisement must include technical information:

  • Year
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Current mileage
  • Transmission type (manual or automatic)
  • Color
  • Number of doors
  • Fuel type

Highlight the best of the car

Create Attractive Car Ads: Your car advertisement should focus primarily on those features that make your car special and differentiate itself from the rest within its category. Some examples of the added value of a car are:

  • Claim free
  • Single owner
  • Improvements made to the vehicle (sound system, tires, paint, accessories)
  • Fuel economy
  • Documentation up to date

Honesty is the best guarantee

In order to build credibility and confidence in the buyer, the best advice is not to hide the defects of the car, since sooner or later the buyer will find out when doing more research on the vehicle or by checking it personally. To save both you and the buyer time, also include information in your advertisement regarding accidents, failures, mechanical problems, exterior or interior damage, etc. If you describe as much as possible in your car ad, there will be no reason for the buyer to offer a lower price than you want.

Price negotiation

Include in the description whether or not the price is negotiable. Words like “fixed price” or “non-negotiable price” are a clear message that you will not be in a position to negotiate. Whereas, if there is a margin of negotiation, it will be important that you specify it.

Car photos: an essential element

Create Attractive Car Ads: An image says more than a thousand words. This phrase also applies to car advertisements. Many buyers will not even see a car ad if the photos are not available. Poor quality photos are another reason that drives buyers away. 

Take the following considerations to create a good impression and make your car ad more attractive:

  • Vehicle cleaning: Clean your vehicle thoroughly both inside and out.
  • Time of day: Avoid taking photos when the sun is at its highest, as shadows dull the clarity of photos. Early in the morning or afternoon are the best times to have optimal light.
  • Place: Choose carefully the place where you will take the photos. Try to avoid places where the photo space is limited, as this would not allow you to include the entire surface of any vehicle profile in the photo. Remember to choose an attractive location as the background of the photo, the uncut lawn of the neighbor or the garbage can at home will not give a good image. Also try to minimize distractions in the background for people to tell each other in the car.
  • Damage: If your car is damaged, be sure to document it in photos to avoid false expectations about the car.
  • Equipment: If you have good photography equipment, use it to create your ad. Much better than the mobile camera!
  • Variety: Be sure to take a large selection of photos from different angles, including inside the car. Also photograph any extras on the vehicle that may be attractive.

Show the AUTOFORTRADE report

Show interested buyers the AUTOFORTRADE Vehicle Report and show that you have nothing to hide regarding your car. The AUTOFORTRADE Vehicle Report displays in detail the vehicle’s history and important events that have occurred in the past. This includes maintenance history, inspections, number of owners, imports, registration and discharge records, and much more.

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