HOW TO FIX A PUNCTURE: Summer is a busy time on the roads. It has also been this year regardless of the COVID-19 crisis. If you have not carried out basic maintenance of the car during the alarm state and the subsequent phases of de-escalation, you may find that when you hit the road you will find a surprise: a puncture in the car wheel. What a chore!

Don’t worry if this happens to you. We tell you how you should act and what to do if you have suffered a blowout and even how to repair a puncture in the wheel if it is not very serious. Attentive! Find the best used cars online to buy in the United Kingdom.

Why do tire punctures occur?

HOW TO FIX A PUNCTURE: The main reason why you can have a puncture in your vehicle is the presence of a sharp object on the asphalt. There may be some screws or small crystals in the road that pierce the surface of the tire and dig deep.

If you find yourself in this situation, having adequate tire pressure can be your great ally so that the scare does not go further. The reason is very simple: if the hole caused by the puncture is very deep, you will start to lose pressure in the wheels. If you have less pressure than recommended by the expert manufacturers, you need to stop the vehicle immediately if you do not want to suffer a blowout.

What to do when faced with a puncture in the wheel?

HOW TO FIX A PUNCTURE: If you find yourself in this situation where you have suffered a puncture on the road, you have three options to solve it. Of course, before that a recommendation: do not panic. It is not a very serious problem and you will soon find a solution so that you can continue to circulate without a problem.

First of all, stop or park the vehicle in a safe place, and if you have to get out of its interior, do not forget to do it with the reflective vests and put the warning triangles at the appropriate distance. This will ensure that other drivers are aware of your presence on the shoulder and can change lanes if necessary. Now, take a breath, think for a few seconds before acting and get to work.

  • Among your options are: change the wheel, repair the puncture with an anti-puncture kit or call a tow truck to come and get you and you can take the car to the workshop. For the first two alternatives you will need one of the mandatory elements in the car: a spare wheel or a puncture repair kit.
  • Change a wheel. For this you will need the spare wheel, as well as a jack and a wrench designed to remove the bolts from the tire. At this point it should be remembered that rim and tire are not the same, and that although the puncture has been carried out in the tire, the work of changing a wheel will focus on the rim.
  • Repair the puncture. On this occasion, and as the DGT has indicated for a few years, it will be enough for you to carry a puncture repair kit. By following the instructions on the pack, you can repair your puncture in a matter of minutes and continue to circulate normally.
  • Call a tow truck. If you are not a handyman precisely with the issue of the mechanics of the vehicle and you do not want to risk, it is best to call your insurance to send a tow truck. Check your insurance coverage and take advantage of this service so that they can bring you to a nearby workshop and they can repair the wheel or change it.

How to repair a tire puncture?

HOW TO FIX A PUNCTURE: If the puncture is not very deep and you think you can repair it with your anti-puncture kit, its use is very simple and in a few minutes the puncture will be forgotten while you continue your journey. Of course, it would be advisable that you do not take long to take your vehicle to the workshop and that they change the wheels to avoid a greater scare in the future. It is not the definitive solution, just a patch so you can drive a few more kilometers.

To use the puncture repair kit, you will only need to put the foam that covers the puncture in the hole you have detected and inflate the wheel to the pressure indicated by the manufacturers, which is usually 2.5 bars. Then, make sure that the tire does not lose air by rolling for a few minutes until you are sure. There are manual and automatic puncture repair kits, but in any case the instructions are clear and you will have no problem repairing your puncture on the road.

As we say, the ideal would be that your next destination after repairing the puncture is your trusted workshop. Let the professional mechanics take care of the condition of your tires and proceed to carry out a tire change if necessary. They will be the ones who best inform you about your possibilities and the cost of the repair. However, you will have missed the step by being able to repair a puncture of a car wheel almost automatically.

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