How to See Cheating Spouse’s Activity on Your Android Phone

Do you want to trace your cheating spouse online activities on your android phone? Most of the time, it’s thanks to their online activities.

Posing for their phone to watch their activities will only make it worse.

You would like an answer which will assist you to track their android phone without letting them know.

In this article, you’ll study a platform that helps you become an expert in android phone monitoring.

you are doing not got to have any coding or technical knowledge to use this platform.

Anyone can roll in the hay without stressing over the complicated monitoring process.

Cell Phone Monitoring

Android OS provides complete security against unethical hacking methods.

It becomes challenging to watch an android device.

The normal methods include some complicated steps which will not work for everybody.

Online monitoring platforms work on different technology.

It can assist you to monitor any smartphone without even hacking it.

Let us start and discuss the way to see a cheating spouse’s activity on your android phone.

A Complete Phone Monitoring Solution

ClickFree is a webphone monitoring platform. It allows users to watch any smartphone remotely. This platform has quite 1,000,000 active users.

ClickFree is the first choice of phone monitoring experts thanks to its easy to use design.

Their website features a clean interface that takes you thru the journey of phone monitoring conveniently.

Check your Spouse Activities:

You can check your spouse’s activities on your android phone by using the spying tools of this app.

ClickFree acts as a corporation that helps you monitor any smartphone you would like.

It includes Social media spy, location tracker, call logs, viewer, and lots of other exciting features.

These features work on one click and don’t require you to follow some technical guidelines.

How Does It Work?

The application doesn’t actually hack cell phones.

It works on a completely different technology that provides you access to the device. it’s supported the permissions of the android device.


The best thing about this platform is that it doesn’t require you to root or jailbreak their device.

This method works every sort of device without messing with its security.

Features of ClickFree Application For Phone Monitoring
ClickFree offers.

some useful features for phone monitoring purposes. a number of them are:

Social Media Spy

Social Media Spy allows you to watch all the social media accounts of the person.

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It includes applications like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook. you’ll access these accounts and their conversations with one tap.

Location Tracker

There is a location tracker feature that permits you to trace the live location of the targeted device.

you would like to pick the tracker option from the dashboard and obtain access to their location activity.

Call Logs Viewer

As the name suggests, call logs viewer allows you to see all the calls made or received from your spouse’s device.

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you’ll check the small print just like the call duration, favorite contacts, and other insights.


Keylogger records all the keystrokes of the targeted device. It means all the text is recorded from their device.

This way, you’ll check their passwords, deleted messages, and other crucial data.

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