Kumara Parvatha Trek Complete Guide For Tourist

The Kumara Parvatha Trek is situated in the Western Ghats and it is the most elevated top in the Coorg region of Karnataka.

The journeying trail, otherwise called the Pushpagiri journey, here is immensely well known among the two apprentices and prepared travelers and the experience will take you through thickly forested land, rock moving over tremendous volcanic rocks and you will experience some odd and verdure which is just observed in tropical slopes. Individuals of southern India oftentimes come here to appreciate the journey. 

The trip is based at a height of 1699 metres.

The absolute trip time is around 9 to 11 hours and the Kumara Parvatha journey separation.

Best Time for the Trek 

Despite the fact that the Kumara Parvatha trek can be embraced whenever, the best an ideal opportunity to visit are from October to January and from June to September. The summers in South India are very sweltering and muggy and you won’t will encounter the delightful greenery around. The mugginess will likewise sap you off your energy. The winters, then again, are very wonderful and when you start early, you will see the slope canvassed in marvelous fogs and haze.

Indeed, even the storms are an extraordinary chance to travel on the grounds that the slopes.

become lavish again and blossoms sprout along the path, alongside honey bees and butterflies coming out to welcome you. 

About the Trail 

The trip starts a little way off the Kukke Subramanya Temple and it is anything but difficult to track down on account of the billboard. For the initial not many kilometers, the journey is very moderate and you will be consistently rising through the thick backwoods which will take you to the fields. The move till this part is truly incredible and you will appreciate nature like you have at no other time.

Make certain to take a license from the Forest Department here to camp for the time.

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The following day, the journey will begin at early morning and it will take you to the Kallu Mandapa which is situated close to a stream. You should Shesh Parvat from here which turns out to be the hardest piece of the trip. Here the journey initially goes down for some time to a clearing and from that point again you need to climb up slope which will take you through steep and high rocks.

From that point you will experience a rough stretch, which will take you to the glades and from that point to the culmination.

You will see an amazing perspective on the Madeira from here. 


You will discover numerous alternatives for food at Battare Mane and it is prudent.

you have your fill here as there are no bistros or cabin here.

The trip suppliers will at that point give breakfast and lunch on the path itself. When you arrive at Kukke Subramanya, there are numerous lodgings which serve credible Karnataka food. You can choose the Neo Mysore CafĂ© and the Vijay Vihar. 

Spots of Interest 

The path will take you through numerous spots of interest and it thus the trip never gets exhausting. Remember to accept your camera as you will experience a lot of astonishing sights. 

The Kukke Subramanya Temple at the beginning stage sees an ordinary deluge of explorers. It is committed to Lord Kartikeya of the Hindu folklore. At that point there is the Sringeri Mutt which is a wonderful sanctuary that has lovely carvings inside it that is exceptionally suggestive of the Vijaynagar design style.

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The Bildwara Cave can be investigated also in the event that you have some time.

It is said that it was the shelter of the snake ruler Vasuki.

you will discover these caverns on the way to the Kukke Subramanya Temple.

The Mallari Waterfalls will blow your mind with impressive cascades and shakes and can be gotten to from Somwarpet. Another wonderful cascade here is the Abbimatta Falls and it is an extraordinary spot for photography. You will likewise be going through the Pushpagiri Forest Reserve and you will discover many imperiled species living here. You can likewise observe elephants in the hold in their regular environment. 

In the event that you end up remaining at Coorg later, at that point don’t miss the Abbey Falls.

You should likewise visit the Raja’s Seat and do visit the awesome ranches here. 

Wellbeing Tips to Remember 

– Do make sure to convey a lot of water with you as after Battare Mane.

– This journey is known to have reptiles in stretches and you should be cautious about bloodsuckers and cobras. Conveying antidote toxin may likewise be a smart thought. 

– You should likewise convey an energy bar and pack some light bites too. Travel with as little luggage as possible with an agreeable rucksack and you should likewise wear agreeable shoes.

In the event that you have a bonus, at that point you may drop them off at Forest Reserve.

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– Carry a coat and shades on the off chance that it is winter. 

– Make sure you are actually fit so you can finish the trip. Try not to endeavor the journey in the event that you have a heart condition, asthma or pulse. 

– Enquire if the trip coordinator has convenient latrines on the grounds.

after Battare Mane there won’t be any legitimate latrines. 

– The Kumara Parvatha Trek is invigorating and exciting and there are not many others like it in South India. You will cherish the magnificence of nature and the unbelievable vistas they unfurl. Do check this path out and make certain to return here over and over.

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