Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Unboxing & Review

Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z: So in today’s blog, we are gonna unbox and review the new OnePlus bullet wireless z earphones, So if u were looking for a branded neckband earphone within Rs 2000 and with fast charging and amazing battery life then this article is for you.

Let’s Unbox OnePlus Bullet Wireless Z Earphones

So let’s get to open the package and see what is inside the package then we will review and test it a bit and then give a completely honest opinion on it. so let’s start.

This is our Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z neckband. let’s discuss the box summary first It has branding on the box including the logo and a photo of the earphones neckband in the back, it has given the key specs like warp charge, long battery life, magnetic control, waterproof, quick switch and low latency mode the low latency mode goes really well when you pair it with a one plus phone only else it is not that much of a use to other phones.

SO let’s OPEN THE PACKAGE So after opening the package from the below side we can see a neckband picture with the holes that let us see the earbud.

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Let’s Talk About More Features And Specification

The backside of the original ear tips can also be seen from the front side. so here it is, our neckband there’s a technique to open it, hold the ear tip, and pull it outwards will come out like this let’s see what else is in this packaging.

A user guide, a type C data cable with fast charging One plus says if you charge it for 10 minutes it would give you a playback for 10hs!!!! 

We are gonna test that as well what are the other things let us see then 2 pairs of earbud the one connected to the neckband is Medium there are 3 types of ear tips available in the box -small, medium, large. 

So you can adjust according to your convenience large or small next anything else some manuals to use it the pairing is very easy I am currently using Redmi Note 6 Pro after switching on the Bluetooth on your device disconnect the earbuds own Bluetooth it will show a device called OP Headset by taking the buds away from each other you’ll hear a sound.

Then click to pair it and pair whenever you put the magnetic buds together it disconnects from your device then again connects when you take the buds apart.

Let’s Talk About Build Quality

So let’s first talk about its body. It’s a plastic body and good quality and flexible enough to put it in your bag and it retains its shape when you make a release. It’s comfortable to wear as well. 

Next Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z, its wire is quite thick and durable. The OnePlus buds review of this earphone is like this the black and red color combination look amazing on this neckband earphone. and its wire has a volume up down and call receiving buttons it has another switch this can be connected to 2 mobile devices at a time whenever you have to transfer the control from one device to another has a swap button there is also an LED light present in that capsule. 

It has an LED that blinks whenever u connect and disconnect and blinks on any notification this has the type C port where u have to charge the earphones On charging, one plus claims that if u charge the device for 10 min, it will give u a listening playback time for 10 hrs Let’s talk about its battery life its 20 hrs of listening time at a full charge which is amazing so let’s talk about its magnetic control whenever u take the earpieces near they connect to each other whenever u are listening to music, u can disconnect it from the phone just by taking the magnets together.

IP Certified

This neckband earphone is IP certified so dustproof and water-resistant but not waterproof just for running.

gym sweat proof and also saves the charging port from dust As u can see the one plus logo.

I have been using this for 2-3 hrs there are some details that you would love like you hear a sound.

Whenever you separate the 2 magnetic earpieces from each other the plastic body part is quite.

Similar to rubber but it does not get the white strength line that usually any rubber substance gets.

When folded and however you fold it retains its position So this costs Rs.1999 

So within this price, there are various neck bands like Realme oppo but the advantage in this earphone over others is the placement of the microphone in others.

It is situated inside the neckband capsule so it makes us use our hands to place the mic in the right place.

But in this earphone, it is along with the buttons so it gets aligned really well with our mouth.


So I have been using this earphone for 2-3 days now so let me share my opinion on this. If you listen to classical romantic songs you won’t feel any difference but if you hear bass songs it would feel beatless as compared to other earphones considering the fact that its a wireless earphone it feels good.

But if you want bass I would recommend you the bass edition of one plus bullets Z.

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