Quick Guide To Distinguish Between Embroidery And Printing

Embroidery And Printing: Before you move forward to make the selection between both of them, we need to distinguish a clear difference that sets these two methods apart.

What is screen printing?

This is counted as one of the most popular ways around the globe for t-shirt printing. The reason behind that is because the method involves the usage of a mesh screen. A stencil is prepared as per the design on which the ink is pushed slightly through the screen.

The number of mesh screens used for a single design depends solely upon the colors involved with the designs. If there are three colors on the t-shirt, then three mesh screens would be used.

What is embroidery?

You might have seen the Texas A&M Aggies embroidery design which looks unique and appealing. It has taken out with embroidery method where the sewing is done of the design on the fabric with special thread. This is counted as one of the oldest methods used for fabric decorations.

Traditionally it was started as hand doing method which is continued to date, but with the fast-paced life picking up, machine embroidery is gaining a new reputation to provide beautiful embroidered artwork using machine processes. For the embroidery design, the chosen fabric should be thick enough to hold the threads at a place and not disturb the symmetry and alignment of the design.

How to make a decision between Embroidery And Printing methods?

When you are looking to produce the best custom t-shirts that serve your purpose well, you have to look at the following factors before making a call:

1. Color options

With embroidery printing, stock threads come to usage. Although there are various colors available at some point it hits the limits. Sometimes it becomes impossible to attain a certain shade by using the threads alone and you might see a bit compromised decision there. With screen printing methods, the options of color usage are simply endless.

Another thing to note that with screen printing, it becomes a lot easier to match it with Pantone colors. Sometimes the logo bears a rare shade, and to match the colors, it is wise to go with screen printing. Although embroidery can replicate the design pretty well, matching the accuracy with colors is more favorable in screen printing.

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2. Adding special effects

These days custom t-shirts are more than choosing black and white or any single color since there are a lot of new designs and artwork to choose from. You will notice that beautiful and unique effects are there on the designs such as text designs, glow-in-the-dark, distressed, vintage, and pattern along with many more options.

These t-shirts gain more popularity than others. If you are looking to have the same on your custom t-shirts then screen printing should be your choice. Embroidery might not be able to create the mentioned special effects on custom t-shirts but they are capable enough to create legendary artwork like Dallas Cowboys embroidery design that can leave a huge impact.

3. Selecting the fabric

When you are looking to customize a thin fabric t-shirt, it is good to go with screen printing since an embroidered design won’t sustain on such thin material and start to pucker. Whereas for the thick fabric material such as hoodie or polo t-shirt, you can simply go with embroidery are there will a correct balance maintained between the fabric and weight of embroidery threads.

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4. Designs

If you see that the design has small complex parts then screen printing would do justice in bringing those small details on a t-shirt. This is because the design gets printed and it is done effectively. If the chosen design is simple and you don’t see any defined complexity in it along a small area then go with embroidery. However, doing a large network with embroidery methods will potentially distort the image due to garment stretching.

5. Budget

Getting the work done under a specific budget is very important when you are working for t-shirt customization. First thing is to know what t-shirt you will be working on and further based on the design make the decision. Large artwork with small details favors the screen as the preferred method. For quick results and a small logo-sized design on a t-shirt, you can go with the embroidery methods without exceeding the budget in both cases.

6. Garment suitability

Once you decide to custom print a uniform t-shirt or casual polo t-shirt, always invest in good quality fabric that can last for years to come. Also, these t-shirts can carry simple designs with ease and hence you should go with the embroidery method. If the focus is on a marketing campaign with lightweight fabric, then screen printing is the best bet for you since embroidery won’t even last for days on such fabric.

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