Selfcare Tips during Government Exam Preparation

A host of government exams are in the queue that are to be conducted this year. The spread of coronavirus has postponed many government exams. With this, candidates are getting sufficient time for exam preparation. We all know that the preparation phase involves anxiety and pressure. While following an organized study routine, it is essential to keep yourself calm and motivated. Hard work and determination are key requirements to assure your success in the government exam. But, there are other necessary things also that are to be taken into consideration by the students.

There are a variety of exams conducted by the government of India such as Bank PO, Civil Services, Bank Clerk, SSC CGL, etc. Candidates follow many smart strategies to study for these exams. Along with preparation strategies, candidates should focus on self-care as well. It will aid in enhancing their efficiency while preparing for any government exam. 

Here is a list of self-care tips for candidates preparing for the government exam:

Segment your study time

Piling up all the tasks that are needed to be done in a full day can be exhausting. Sometimes it is hard to figure out where to start. Try not to bite off more than you can chew, when it comes to studying for the exams. Instead of managing everything at once, divide your study material into understandable chunks like lecture or chapter. You can start with the one you consider to be the most important, whether that’s the toughest content and focus on the exam. 

Regular breaks

It is essential to take regular breaks, as it will help you in enhancing your concentration levels. You can take short breaks for eating, sleeping, and walking. Many surveys reveal that the brain can work efficiently for continuous 40-45 mins. Thus, having short breaks after every 45 minutes can avoid brain jamming. You need to set your study hours straight in the way in which your rhythm sets best. 

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Fight shy of distractions

We are well acquainted with the fact that temptation to distraction can drag you to the abyss of failure. The biggest source of distraction is social media these days. It is advisable to avoid frittering your time by scrolling various social media sites. You can avoid using your phone while studying for the exam. To avoid distractions, you can post inspirational quotes around your study area. You can also choose a disturbance free room in your home to study for the government exam. 

Take care of your mental health

While preparing for the government exam, you might deal with a lot of stress and pressure. During this phase you should try to talk with someone who can motivate you to prepare properly for the exam. A good mental health will boost energy levels to efficiently prepare for the exam. To keep yourself uplifted, you can listen to inspirational audios, watch motivational movies or read biographies of successful people. While preparing for any government exam whether Civil services or SSC CGL, it is important to take proper care of your mental health. 

Remain physically fit

The two most important things that we ignore during exam preparation are nutrition and sleep. While dealing with pressure and time constraints for the government exam preparation, students often fail to take care of their health. However, remember that a nutritious diet can enhance your energy to prepare for the exam. It is essential to have three healthy meals per day for a student preparing for the exam. In addition to this, students can add exercise and yoga to their daily routine.

A sound sleep also ensures good health. To maintain good health, it is necessary to have at least 6-7 hours of sleep each day. Those who have trouble sleeping, they can practice meditation. Benefits of meditation are uncountable, one of them is that it helps in improving concentration. 

Choose right company to study

Group study promotes interactive learning. It is crucial to choose the right set of friends with whom you sit to study. You can motivate each other to perform better in the exam and share your study material. Additionally, it will help you in clearing your doubts by asking from your peer groups. Be careful and choose people for group study who will not distract you. 

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These are some of the self-care tips that every student can follow to amp their efficiency for the government exam preparation. These tips can help you brush up your caliber and perform better in the exam.

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