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Looking for the best gaming server hosting for heavy gaming? Or you want to be a tournament holder on YouTube or another streaming platform? This is often a server that’s the official property of sentences in multiplayer video games. The server broadcasts detailed data about its inner state to permit its connected clients to take care of their exact version of the gaming world for players to edit. Below is the comprehensive list of the top 5 Best Gaming Server Hosting in 2021.

#1 Scala Cube

Scala Cube is very easy to use, its support team is great. You can use the console very easily and it is not easy to install the server yourself! It would recommend people to host a server of their own! This is easily the best ARK server facilitating you can deal with.

You can run it on multiple servers with different hosts and it will surprise you how seamless, stable and accessible it really is. Users will have great hosting, little downtime, big price options and, as a whole, you can use Scala Cube Will be satisfied with the best ark server hosting.

Key Features

768 MB to 32 GB RAM.

1x to 8x 3.4GHz CPU.

10 GB to 320 GB SSD storage.

 Automated backups (for a one-time fee) Why Choose Scala Cube Unlimited Traffic SSD Storage 24/7 Customer Service Availability

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#2 Survival Servers

It was founded in 2012, hosting game servers for a huge number of fans worldwide and you can rent it. Its network is determined. We offer custom in-house control panels via and operate worldwide on high-performance hardware.

Key Features

SSD/NVMe hard disks

Access to 3rd-party tools

Instant server setup

Switch areas whenever Full FTP access

Full database access

#3 Shock byte

Shock byte Minecraft hosting plans start at $ 2.50. It gives the option to upgrade very automatically at any point, only to charge you the difference between the upgrade package cost and the remaining days of your current plan. SHOCKBYTE HOSTING FEATURES It is a dedicated company, specifically as a server for playing Minecraft.

The mission of SHOCKBYTE as a supplier is to give a high-quality Minecraft facilitating administration at the least possible price. Its long history places it in the ranks of a standout amongst other game facilitating administrations, for example, Minecraft.

#4 GameServers

Fast Pings – Minimum Price When you connect the network’s accumulated 100% dual quad core server to a premium locale, you get

Go ahead, raise your assumptions.¬†offers the best features but cheap game servers! Quick activation! Tired of dictating to the device that tried to wait to host your game? Wait – don’t buy more, pay and get your game worker, Ventrilo worker, or team pack in minutes!

#5 Nodecraft

I used it for a short time using Node craft which has been an amazing experience.

Its server is stable, prices are reasonable, plugins are easily accessible. The interface used is simple and natural to utilize. Staff assistance has been quick and very helpful. In the end, I would say that this is a great hosting service! This service is above light-years from combat. They really do what they claim.


What is the best Ark server host?

If seen, the top is the best arch server host then it is If you look, you will find that Logo Things looks very different. It has been serving game servers for the last 16 years, with fast support time during testing. Huge list of games, knowledgeable staff to choose server locations worldwide in GameServers.

Can I host my own ark server?

If you are planning to host an ARK server, then you must have some required components. To build it, you must have a 64-bit operating system. If you do not have a 64-bit working framework, you may face problems in running the server.

Is Shock byte a good server host?

Shock byte is a game server hosting company, primarily in the shape of a server for playing Minecraft. As a provider, it aims to provide a high-quality Minecraft facilitating administration at a minimal cost. Place them in the line of extraordinary compared to other game facilitating administrations, for example, Minecraft. 


Gaming workers speak to a developing and possibly productive opportunity in the web hosting business. There are some difficulties in doing this, especially not offering game servers will help your business to be unique to different web hosts, but you will also specialize in limiting yourself to the niche market leading into the hosting business. I hope that the above list helped you in deciding your gaming server list. If you liked the above post, you can read other posts on our blog. Happy gaming Server blogging

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