Top 5 Websites to Download YouTube Shorts For Android

Innovation and upgrades are necessary to maintain your position in life. It is the most important factor of success for all, either you are a human, you are a machine or a device, or an app.

Launching new features is the best marketing technique for any running business. And that’s how YouTube recently launched “YouTube shorts” in 2022 at first in India, then expanded to 26 countries, and now successfully running in 100 plus countries where YouTube is available.

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If you are new to this term and wondering about how it works and why it is important, and further know about its features. This article will help you out.

What are YouTube shorts?

YouTube introduced a new way to grab more audience, by creating a short video of 60 or fewer seconds.

This feature is for those who want to shoot a short but eye-catching video by using a usual cellphone camera. It could work as your promotional video.

Features of YouTube Shorts:

  1. Short vertical video or 60 seconds or less
  2. Easy way to create something
  3. Connect you to YouTube’s 2B users.

Because it was a type of promotion so it always consisted of interesting videos. Many people want to download them for later, after watching this video

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If you don’t know how to download that video from YouTube, you will get complete details and app knowledge here. There are many apps offering this service for free. By using those apps you can download those videos directly from YouTube.

Why People Prefer to Download YouTube Shorts:

People love to download YouTube shorts because of their short length and creative video. 

Many creators are posting full make-up look videos under 60 seconds, who don’t want to download it if she has an interest in make-up. 

Furthermore, chief creators posting dessert recipes videos for 60 seconds, all sweet lovers will definitely download that video. There are many reasons why people love to download shorts.

And YouTube is an unbeatable platform when we talk about videos. 

5 Best Websites to Download Youtube Shorts for Android

Fortunately, you can download YouTube shorts whenever you want. Some apps are providing this service for free. List of the top 5 youtube shorts downloaders for Android is given below:

  •  Shortsvideodownloader
  • Shortsnoob
  • Heatfeed
  • shortsloader

 Let’s have a detailed tour of these Apps. 

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Shortsvideodownloader claims that it is the fastest youtube shorts downloader. This APK short downloader is providing download service in many qualities like Mp3, 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and1080p.

Moreover, they are providing 4K and 8K downloading quality too. It is 100% free to use.

It is compatible with all browsers and operating systems. It works best for android. Furthermore, It also supports all iOS devices like iPads and iPhones. No need to log in or signup before downloading.


Shortsnoob is a free tool to download youtube shorts in original HD quality. It is completely safe to use. They claim that they are providing the original quality downloads that almost all other tools can not do.

No need to sign-up or log in. This downloading provides services on all devices like mobile, laptop, PC, and tablet. 


Heatfeed is one of the best Youtube shorts downloaders’ websites.  It is an all-in-one solution for all problems. 

Key features of this website are fast downloading, ultimate downloads, fully secure, HD quality free to use, and user-friendly interface. It is compatible with all operating systems like windows and iOS. And also support all devices like laptop, PC, Mac, and Android.


Shortsloader is also a top-rated short downloader. It is really easy to use. You can download any video with just one click. 

It provides Mp3 quality for audio download and Mp4 for video download. It is also compatible

Ytshort is a youtube short downloader. That provides a free-of-cost service. It supports only one downloading format that is Mp4. it is fully secured to use.

It could also be accessible from all platforms and operating systems, like Android, iPhone, and Laptop. 

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There are many questions people want to know about. This article will cover some of the most important topics.

  • Are Youtube Shorts monetized?

Not monetized yet, but youtube is planning to release a scheme of “Youtube Shorts Fund” to payout eligible creators.  

  • Does Youtube shorts time also count as watch time?

Not directly, when watched in the shorts tab they won’t count it as watch time. But when watched under the Youtube regular playlist it is counted as watch time. 

  • How much can you earn from youtube shorts?

Youtube is planning to pay $100M to eligible creators every month. So it is a big chance to earn money with less effort.

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Final Thoughts:

Youtube shorts work similarly to Instagram Reels. But youtube will start paying off soon to its shorts creators a handsome amount. It is a big chance for those who want to make money with youtube.

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