What are CompTIA security+ jobs?

CompTIA security+ jobs: IT security offers countless ways to work and pay – you determine the direction and ultimately how much money you can make with CompTIA Security +. Not everyone has the same reason to qualify. In general, you can apply for your CompTIA security+ jobs in the following ways:

Engage employers with the support of your skills, which are respected around the world and across the industry.

Position yourself as the best candidate for entry-level cybersecurity roles.

Prove to yourself that you master the latest skills and concepts that underpin a career in cybersecurity.

In all cases, CompTIA Security + can be a starting point for cybersecurity roles, ensuring that security professionals are better prepared to solve a wide range of problems while securing and securing networks in the complex industrial computing landscape. of today.

Jobs that require or benefit from the CompTIA Security + Certificate

Designing the entry point for your cybersecurity career, as well as your aspirations and the work you’re willing to do to grow your career, has a huge impact on what you can do. in any job, and safety is the exception. Here are some common job titles that use CompTIA Security +:

Systems administrator

The Security administrator

Security specialist

Complete Security engineer

Network Administrator

Young IT Examiner / Orientation Exam

Security advisor

Jobs covered by CompTIA Security+ are classified as communications and computers certified by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

 Actual payment rate

As you research your salary and focus your career on job opportunities, remember that you can see how much you will pay for a particular job because some companies and guidance pay more than others.

Let’s look at the system administrator as an example. While the median salary above gives you an idea of ​​where most salaries fall, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also provides percentiles showing the highest and lowest salaries for that job:

90th percentile systems administrator $ 130,200

75th percentile system administrator $ 104,460

Systems Administrator 50th percentile $ 81,100

25th percentile systems administrator $ 63,020

5 ways to increase your salary

The salary you can expect from a particular IT job can vary significantly from the median salary based on a number of factors that can benefit your role for a given position. Here are five ways that can help you increase your salary:

Previous experience:

Reducing training time and knowledge that goes beyond your job description can increase your value to your employer. Similarly, previous related work experience provides confidence and builds employer side expectations that may benefit the numbers on your payroll.

Additional Training and Qualifications:

If CompTIA Security + is not your first qualification and you can demonstrate additional completed training, you can broaden the range of your qualifications and qualify for jobs you would not otherwise have, and then become a paid candidate taller. situation. CompTIA IT Pro Membership also provides training for IT professionals.


Being determined is the first step in your career. Staying qualified is even more important and can show employers that you are committed to your job and are in line with a fast-growing industry.

Regional differences:

Paying for work in one area can be very different from what is offered in another area. For example, a system administrator based in New York City, on average, makes about 15 percent, or $ 14,650 more than the actual situation in Denver.

Business Variables:

Keep in mind that some firms may have different expectations for certain job titles than others and therefore offer different pay.

The personal factor

Don’t underestimate your personal impact on the salary you can expect from your job. In addition to the pay drivers mentioned above, there are a number of additional things that can give you the best insight into how to get that first job going. an argument for the payment you are looking for:

Networks – Connecting with IT professionals and building your professional network is crucial to starting and advancing your career. Get active on social media like LinkedIn, join newsgroups and forums, and join local IT groups like ProTIA IT Pro Membership.

Stay up-to-date – Make sure you master new technologies Spend time on IT websites, subscribe to newsletters, or even contribute to blogs.

Soft Skills: Your communication skills can have a big impact on your ability to land a job. And with a positive attitude, managing your time effectively, solving problems, showing self-confidence, dealing with stress, and having a strong work ethic, it all shows to be a person. work worth investing in.

Are you ready for a career in security?

CompTIA now offers a variety of test training options for CompTIA Security+ to suit your specific learning style and schedule, many of which can be used together in exam preparation.

From testing, there is a lot of information to help you decide if CompTIA Security+ is right for you. We are with you at every step!

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