What is Kraft Packaging Boxes?

What is Kraft Packaging Boxes? These are the boxes used in packaging products like snack foods and beverages. The brand is synonymous with quality and has long been one of the most recognized brands in the industry. These products are made using eco-friendly materials and are also 100% recycled.

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is actually made by mixing wood pulp to high-quality, thick brown filaments. They’re never color-treated, which would lead to the original natural brown hue of Kraft packaging being changed forever. Kraft paper, when it’s printed, contains pigment that’s specifically added for a specific printing method. So when a box is printed with Kraft packaging paper, the end result will have a much different look compared to one that uses regular paper. That’s why custom Kraft boxes from printing companies are becoming more popular each day – they make use of the most durable raw material available.


Customizing the look of your packaging is something that you can do yourself if you want to cut down on expenses or want to do something unique. However, there are several other things that make up this type of packaging. Some companies might use corrugated cardboard for their kraft boxes. Others might use thin plastic or polyvinyl chloride. However, because Kraft boxes are used to pack snack foods and beverages, they are best customized with a custom design that will help them stand out among the competition.

Eco-friendly Packaging Materials

There are a number of ways that these eco-friendly packaging materials┬ácan be customized. First off, you might want to think about what you want your product to say. If you’re promoting a healthy lifestyle or promoting the environment, then you might want to consider packaging that uses recycled paper. You could also offer your customers an opportunity to help save the planet by purchasing eco-friendly products.

Professionals Choose in Packaging Industry

Since the box is the actual face of your product, you’ll also want to consider the color. Most of the time, packaging industry professionals choose to go with white boxes because they are easier to read and more natural-looking than any other options.

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Variety of Cardboard Box

Just as “green” and “natural” are two different aspects of what are Kraft boxes.

So too are there a variety of cardboard box options to suit your specific food products or beverages packaging needs.

Some people simply want a plain cardboard box. However, others have very specific needs for the type of material they’d like to see in their product. These can include high-density fiberboard boxes, which are more durable and more water resistant than regular cardboard. This means that they will be better able to withstand high amounts of moisture and prevent food from becoming mouldy.

Shipping Products

Boxes can also be packed in a more environmentally friendly manner. If you’re shipping products in large volumes, rigid boxes might be the best way to go. Instead of having to package the product flat, companies who use rigid boxes can package the product in its irregular, third-party-sourced shape.

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Finally, you need to pay close attention to the materials used in Kraft boxes. The reason for this is that hardwood is a much stronger building material than cardboard.

It’s also less likely to become damaged by Kraft boxes’ edges. The result is that the boxes you receive are going to be much stronger than what you might get from some other box makers.

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