What to see and do in Kotor Bay, Montenegro – Travel Guide

Kotor Bay: The Republic of Montenegro is located between Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania. It is a small gem in the Balkans and there are many places worth exploring. In medieval towns, lakes, mountains and canyons, you need to check on foot, so don’t forget to bring walking shoes.

Now, due to cheap flights from London to Tivat, the Bay of Kotor in the southwest of Montenegro is waiting to be explored. This is a guide to important things to do when we arrive at our destination. Where to stay In kotor bay tripline tours

Kotor Old Town

Only half an hour away from Tivat Airport, is the UNESCO cultural heritage town of Kotor, with a labyrinth of winding streets and ancient stone stairs leading to churches, prisons and palaces. You can spend a few hours here, wander around here, drink in the atmosphere and admire sights such as St. Tryphon’s Cathedral with its silver altarpiece and mysterious frescoes.

One of the alleys scattered on the main square takes you to the starting point of the 9th-century St John’s Fort. Climb 1,350 steps to the fortress overlooking Kotor and the cliff-dominated Kotor Bay.

Then, taste the local Niksicko beer in one of the many cafes and bars throughout the old town. If you are attracted by one or two cats, don’t be surprised-Kotor has thousands of creatures.

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Perast and Mamula

Take a boat tour along the bay, stopping on the islands and some beautiful towns dotted along the Adriatic coast. You can take a boat trip in Kotor City Park, a few steps away from the Old Town.

Although Perast is small, it has 16 churches and a unique Mediterranean atmosphere. The medieval town also has 15 defensive towers and 9 defensive towers built by the Venetians in the 15th and 16th centuries, as well as 17 former grand palaces.

A few minutes later is the artificial rock Virgin Island. The fishermen created this small island with rocks and placed the Virgin Mary and the icon of the Virgin Mary on it. They think this is a kind of good luck charm. There is a blue domed church on the island, which is decorated with icons and tapestries.

Next door is St. George Island. You can also stop at Mamura, the former Hungarian-Austro-Hungarian prison island in Montenegro’s response to Alcatraz.

Blue hole

The Blue Cave is one of the many charming caves in the bay. Most boat tours stop here so that travelers can swim in the blue waters. There are also many submarine fences-caves used to cover enemy submarines during World War II. Their entrance was covered by leaves, and the boat slipped under the dripping stalagmites. It was so gratifying to see the sun at the end of the tunnel.

Port of Montenegro

In contrast to simple residences and small buildings all over the coast, Montenegro Port is a leading superyacht marina with all the associated glitz and charm.

It is worth visiting the large yachts here, which are owned by the late Austrian Formula One driver Niki Lauda and several Russian oligarchs. There are some chic cafes and restaurants here, which are great for watching crowds.

What else can Montenegro provide?

Although Kotor is an ideal base for long weekends or short breaks, tourists who have more time can explore other sights in Montenegro.

Budva was once a quiet coastal town.

Durmitor National Park is not only the largest national park in Montenegro, but also one of the most famous national parks in the world. Durmitor has a large number of natural attractions and attracts many tourists every year.

Large mountain peaks (Durmitor massif), unique canyons, clear rivers, glacial lakes, beautiful dense forests… In Durmitor, you can’t help but enjoy the surrounding environment. There are many kinds of animals and plants, some of which are unique to the place (122 species of 1,325 plants, more than 150 types of herbs, 40 types of edible fungi, 130 species of birds, etc.). National Park

Fact file

Flight: EasyJet flies to Tivat from London Gatwick Airport. The capital Podgorica (formerly known as Titograd, renamed in 1992) has direct access to Gatwick Airport.

By car: Another way to travel is to fly to Dubrovnik, Croatia, and drive into Montenegro.

Accommodation: The Farzo Mare Hotel with 10 rooms provides you with luxurious accommodation and first-class foundation.

Currency: Montenegro is an independent country since 2006. Although it does not belong to the European Union, it still uses the euro as its currency

Languages: Montenegro and Serbian. English spoken extensively

Time zone: GMT +2

Best time to visit: summer is hot and winter is cool, so autumn is a good time. Check for flights booking to Kotor Bay

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