Wide Scope of Aries Birthstone

People across the world are only familiar with the adornment traits of the Aries Birthstone but many of them are still unaware of the application of this jewel in other fields of life. In this, we will introduce a wide scope of the stone in the coming steps.

What is Aries birthstone?

Aries birthstone is diamond. It is one of the well known and prized gemstone in the market. This one of the four precious gemstones. There is no alternative to this stone for beautification.

This is the hardest stone that has high quality sparkling attribute. Because of its luster, it is used in the jewelry. People with pride and honor use this stone in the engagement and wedding jewelry. Further, you can present a gift to your spouse at 60th wedding anniversary.

Aries Birthstone Color

Aries Birthstone Color is one main factor for its attraction. In white color, it is welcomed at higher price but in other colors like red, blue, pink, violet, green, purple and black of the stone are comparatively have lower price in the market.

Use of Aries Birthstone

Now we are focusing on the use of diamonds in the areas other than self beautification. In other field diamond has wide use for the betterment of humanity.

In the current era, researchers are focusing to use Aries Birthstone to diagnose cancer at any part of the body avoiding the long procedure of testing. According to the scientists, this time is very near.

Today, a lot of experimental research is continued on the wide use of nanodiamonds to detect the various diseases and effectiveness of medicines. A nanodiamond is very tiny stone; it is a hundred thousand times smaller than the width of hair. Further, currently the earthworms are placed in diamond power. When the worms taken the diamond powder, researcher incident yellow light on the worm’s body. This yellow light turned into purple light. This change in color of light gives a verified result that diamond is nontoxic. They concluded that diamond is safe for human body. This research is paving the path for medical imaging with the use of diamond. Once scientists devised a technique to infiltrate the nanodiamonds into human body, their results will much advance than the imaging.

In future the Aries Birthstones are used to dish up the medicine at its required location in the body to cure the disease from infection to cancer. They can be stem cell navigators. They are to give strength to immune system and re grow the damaged nerves.

The use of diamond is not restricted to the current age but it was also used in ancient ages at wide level depending on the beliefs of the wearers. In past it was thought the best remedy for mental distress. Further this gemstone heals the blockages that can be cause of body distress. In coming age diamond will have an impact on the medical research to devise new techniques to give relief to human beings from fatal disease.

Market Capturing Factors of Aries birthstones

Aries Birthstones have their own place in the market. But there are some factors that are influencing the price and popularity of the gemstone in the market. These factors are discusses in the following paragraphs.

You all are well aware with the fact that these gemstones are mineral and are physical quantities. So they own weight that is measured in Carat. One Carat is divided into 100 points. Decrease in one point in the weight will affect the price of the jewel. Some people often mix the size and weight of the diamond but these are two diverse physical quantities.

Another factor that makes the stone popular in the market is its color. White color is the most demanding. No doubt stone in this color has the highest price.

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You can’t exclude birthmarks in any mineral birthstone. Diamond is one of them that are naturally formed at high temperature and pressure. So some impurities in molten form become part of the stone. These impurities affect the clarity level of the stone. It is hardly seen an Aries Birthstone without any impurity.

The sparkling capacity of the diamond depends on the application of Cut on its surface. Because of the Cutan incident, light reflects, refracts, and disperses in a diamond. A diamond also acts as a prism. To have a high level of a dazzling attribute in diamond always select a stone that has an ideal Cut with the weight of one Carat and a size of 625 mm.

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