Clevo NH70 Review: An Affordable Gaming Laptop

Clevo NH70 is a prominent gaming and graphics notebook brand especially for those who demand serious performance chipsets.

Clevo has many models but one of the most popular ones is the Clevo NH70 a powerful laptop that looks slim and decent so it should be considered when looking for a new laptop to buy. 

In this blog post thetechfurious,the following subject areas will be explored regarding the Clevo NH70 the look and construction of the Clevo NH70 along with the performance value for the money the Clevo NH70 laptop has quite an appearance.

Key Features And Specifications Of Clevo NH70

Regarding the Clevo NH70 little is said but this device is said to be suitable for gamers who need the ultimate in terms of gaming performance, gaming display, gaming control and interface. They wanted the ultimate notebook for gaming. 

Below is the detailed comparison chart of the characteristics and hence in analyzing the above parameter one will be in a position to understand/identify why Clevo NH70 is among the best gaming laptops.



I hold Intel Core i9-10 th Gen 10980HK which I employ for arithmetic calculations together with the performance of the multitasking operation.


Its primary aim and function is to offer a significantly higher measure of computation on this kind of application particularly concerning gaming and multitasking.


The old generation Graphics card has been the Rtx 3080 which is the sweeter that has been out in the market and the one that provides more graphical computation in the new generation games such as along with ray tracing and computation through artificial intelligence.

Memory OF Clevo NH70




The Acuserve NH70 has memory of 64 GB DDR4-RAID which in some cases denotes that one can do one thing at a time for instance open one file or program and then open another program without having to wait which is ideal for gaming and productivity.


Key Features And Specifications




More than enough and ideal 2 Terabytes are useful for offering different quantities of storage space and yield a nice raster to prevent game and other applications loading time as much as possible.



  1. 3-inch


According to the present description, the resolution of these models is as follows. Full HD, 1920 х 1080.




FHD IPS display can be deemed satisfactory in as much as providing sharp images as well as levels of color vibrancy which will of course be a great staple while in gaming and multimedia uses.

Operating System


Windows 10 Home


The latest release of Windows 10 Home Edition and Windows 10 Home defaulted to the gaming mode where almost all apps most people use are downloaded with compatibility for gaming.

Pros And Cons OF Clevo NH70

This gaming powerhouse has its strengths in its performance as well as a few weaknesses as in the following analysis.


Excellent Gaming Performance

With 10th Gen Intel Core i9-10980HK under the hood users of the NH70 get to experience fast processing of heavy games or applications.

The new that they offer boasts of its advanced graphic features such as ray tracing and AI graphics for rich and real-time graphics for HD gaming and rendering.

The HP Omen laptop comes with RAM of 64GB DDR4 which gives an easy time when it comes to multitasking. It is also a portable OS that can handle multiple applications and games at once without any frame skips or hitches.

The use of a 2TB SSD guarantees a fast operational booting time fast game loading time along with swift transfer of files in the user interface.

The 17. High-Performance Display The device features a 3-inch FHD IPS display for enhanced clarity and vivid colors along with wider viewing angles for better touch responsiveness during gaming and media consumption.

High Customizability

The Clevo NH70 comes with a feature that enables users to redesign different elements including RAM and storage devices ensuring the system’s adaptability as the technology advances.

One can change the color of the backlight between 16.8 million colors which gives the laptop a sense of customization that many gamers enjoy.

Robust Build Quality

The NH70 is of high-end design and uses parts that give the product a genuine and long-lasting look. It can offer protection in case of accidental falls and other abuses during transport and use every day.

To prevent a laptop from getting heated and hence slow down performance due to high heat produced by CPUs and GPUs during gaming sessions there is proper cooling.

Comprehensive Connectivity

It has many interfaces which are USB-C HDMI and Ethernet making it possible to integrate it with a variety of peripherals and accessories.

Pros And Cons

The newest technologies in the wireless sector provide consistent and uncomplicated access to the Internet or other wireless equipment.


Cons can guide the prospective consumer into arriving at a sensible decision of whether or not he or she should procure the product.

High Price Point

However, the Clevo NH70 is quite expensive and may not be affordable for all users physical characteristics 71 Due to better hardware and luxurious components it calls for premium prices which puts it in the league of expensive products.

The performance could be satisfactory however not necessary for games or normal usage where it is not feasible to spend so much money on a PC.

Portability Concerns

It is massive and comparatively heavier than other such laptops that are meant for gamers in the market. It also isn’t very portable hence may not be right for users who require a lightweight machine for traveling or commuting.

That is why high-performance constituents are also perceptive of battering the contraption foremost without delay. There are also some disadvantages which are the laptop may require charging during use especially when used intensively such as gaming which may limit mobility.

Noise Levels

On a negative note though the powerful cooling system is a bit audible in high remaining loads such as gaming and intensive work. 

This might be unhelpful for some users depending on the nature of the content they are scrolling through on their apps.

Limited Availability

Some Clevo laptops for example the Clevo nh70 may not be easily available in some parts of the world and this poses a challenge to potential customers as they try to get annoyed with their own Clevo nh70.


Thus, one can conclude that the Clevo NH70 is a highly usable and efficient laptop the strengths of which are revealed in various aspects ranging from performance and look to display and sound. 

The latest cooling unit range of connectivity options along with versatile options put the laptop in a league of its own for gamers and working professionals. 

However, there are not many disadvantages of the NH70 therefore, we could conclude on a positive note looking at the price segment this product looks simply magnificent therefore I would recommend thetechfurious purchase of this laptop which is efficient and powerful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Clevo NH70? 

The Clevo NH70 is a high-performance gaming laptop known for its robust hardware and sleek design

Within the context of the Clevo NH70, what are the factors that define it?

Significant characteristics include a modern high-sharp IPS panel with thin framing numerous configurations of processors and graphic cards, an optional and efficient cooling system as well as the backlight of the keyboard with RGB LEDs.

How much does the Clevo NH70 cost?

The price differs based on the specification of the model however, it belongs to the most affordable segment of vehicles in the market.

How long does the battery last on the Clevo NH70?

It lasts reasonably well for day-to-day usage and delivers as many as several hours under a gaming load.

Does the Clevo NH70 support fast charging?

It will charge faster because the power adapter included supports this feature.

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