Clevo NH70 Review: An Affordable Gaming Laptop

If you are looking for a new phone, the Clevo Nh70 might be an option. The Android-powered phone has a high-resolution screen that displays 7201280 pixels. This allows you to quickly watch movies or play games. The device’s RAM capacity is sufficient for daily use. Additionally, the microSD card slot allows you to play games and other applications.


The Clevo CNH70 gaming laptop is an excellent choice. It has a slim design and good battery life. It also features a great display. Although the HDD/SSD speed of the Clevo NH70 is slower than other laptops, it still delivers good graphics and performance. Although the price of the Clevo N70 varies depending upon where it is sold, it is well worth it if you are looking for a gaming laptop.

Standard features on the Clevo NH70 include an 8GB RAM and 256GB solid state drives, as well as the Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU. The full HD (1920×1080) display is impressive but not as sharp as it should be. Although the price of the Clevo NH70 varies depending upon the retailer, the battery life is sufficient for the price.

The Clevo N70 is a great value for gamers as it costs just $1700. The average price of this laptop is $1700. The Clevo NH70 laptop is not designed for study or office use. For casual gamers, its performance is sufficient to provide a pleasant gaming experience. It is not recommended for heavy duty work.

The Clevo N70 gaming laptop is a great choice. It can be taken with you wherever you go. The lightweight design of the Clevo NH70 allows you to easily carry it around, and enjoy a long day without worrying about whether your computer is plugged in. The battery life is good, but it’s not ideal for gamers who need a laptop that will last.

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The CLEVO NH70 laptop makes a great choice for multimedia lovers and gamers. The laptop’s powerful processor, 16GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM, and USB Type-C connectivity make them suitable for gaming. The 180W power supply is also included. As with other laptops, the hard disk is the most important component of a gaming laptop. Multitasking will be difficult if the hard drive is slower than 5400 RPM. Multitasking will be easy with a 7200rpm hard disk.

The NH70 features a 17.3 inch Full HD (1920 x1080) anti-glare LCD. The processor is powered by an Intel fourth-generation chip that uses the Haswell microarchitecture. The boost frequency is 3.5 milliseconds. The Clevo’s processor is powerful despite its small screen. It is also slim and lightweight.

The Clevo’s NH70’s audio is superb. It will be a pleasure to listen to, no matter if you are playing video games or watching movies. The battery life can last for up to six hours with a single charge, which is another outstanding feature. The Clevo N70 is a great choice for gamers who want a quality gaming laptop at an affordable price.

Clevo NH70 buyers should be aware of its powerful processor and 8GB DDR4 RAM. This combination ensures a fluid and fast gaming experience. The NH70 is a great choice for intensive gaming due to its 8GB DDR4 RAM and powerful processor, the i7-9750H. DDR4 RAM offers a significant upgrade to DDR3 RAM. It allows for faster speeds and more concurrent applications.

Battery life

Clevo NH70’s battery life is good, but could take a bit longer. The screen resolution is 1920×1080 and it’s available for $1700. The NH70 laptop is a great choice if you are looking for a new laptop with a long battery life.

Make sure the new Clevo-NH70 battery is factory certified and meets all the standards of the original. You should look for certifications like UL, ROHS and CE. To get the best out of your Clevo NH70 battery, you should ensure that it has passed safety testing. Remember to recharge your Clevo-NH70 battery every other day!

The Clevo N70 gaming laptop is a great choice. The large, bright, and sharp display is a plus. It allows you to play your favorite games quickly, comfortably, and has a long battery life that is perfect for long gaming sessions. There are some downsides to the Clevo NH70, such as a high cost. The Clevo NH70’s weight is also higher than its competition.

If you are looking for a high-quality, low-cost laptop battery, the Clevo N70 is a good choice. The NH70’s high-end core i7 processor and long battery life make this a great choice for anyone who is looking for a notebook with high-end features. The NH70 is a great choice for business users due to its low price. When shopping for a laptop battery, be sure to consider the size and number wires. You can find these measurements by looking at the photos.

Display quality

The Clevo NH70 gaming laptop features a 15-inch screen, an Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU, and an 8 gigabyte SSD/HDD. Full HD (19201080) is quickly becoming the industry standard in gaming laptops. The screen is not sharp enough because of the low pixel density. The screen fits in a small bag, despite its size.

Clevo’s NH70 display has a good resolution of 4K. G-Sync technology makes sure that games run smoothly, and the matte finish enhances visibility in low-light environments. The display should be adequate for both personal and professional use. In a nutshell, the Clevo NH70 gaming laptop is great. If you’re not a gamer, this model is still possible.

Clevo’s NH70 has a good pixel density, 127.3 pixels per inch. This increases the visibility of text as well as images. However, the limited storage space may affect performance when you play modern games. The Clevo CNH70’s battery life is very short and the phone weighs in at 1.7 pounds. The Clevo NH70 is a great choice if you are looking for a gaming laptop. You can also compare the prices of its rivals before you make a purchase.

The Clevo NH70 gaming laptop is a great choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly option. This laptop’s screen is sufficient for a laptop below $1000. Although it doesn’t have the best resolution on a gaming laptop (15.6 inches), it is still worth looking at. Clevo’s NH70 laptop is light.


The Clevo N70’s screen is excellent, with 127.3 PPI. The battery life of the Clevo NH70 is only 3.5 hours. This is not enough to run modern games. For the latest games, the RAM of 256 MB is insufficient. Its battery life is only 3 hours and its 1kg weight limits its marketability. The Clevo NH70 is an impressive PC with powerful features, despite its short battery life.

Clevo’s NH70 thermal is a small, lightweight device that has a 15.6 inch display and weighs in at 4.85 pounds. This device is extremely powerful thanks to the 8 GB RAM and Intel Core i7 processor. The NH70’s battery life is adequate for most users. It is lightweight and portable. You can take photos with the included memory card. There are tradeoffs due to the laptop’s weight.

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The CLEVO NH70 computer is powerful. It runs on an AMD processor, which has been awarded for its excellence. The memory capacity of the CLEVO NH70 is sufficient for everyday use, but you can save up to 2GB on more demanding applications. The CLEVO NH70 features a 1TB hard disk and a powerful processor. It is a great choice for gamers and multimedia enthusiasts. Although there are some design issues, the overall experience is pleasant.

The CLEVO NH70 displays well with its 19201080 IPS resolution. The CLEVO NH70 also features a NVIDIA RX 3060 graphics card and a 256GB SSD. It also comes with Windows 10 PRO. The CLEVO NH70 laptop is ideal for replacing an older model. You’ll also have many options if you want to upgrade your computer with AMD GPUs.

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How much is the Clevo NH70 gaming notebook?

Experts consider this excessive.

Is the Clevo laptop NH70 assembled?

A Taiwanese company created this excellent gaming laptop.

What are the remarkable features of the Clevo N70 laptop?

The gaming laptop comes with a 1TB hard drive, 8GB RAM, and a GTX1070 GPU. It is powered by an Intel i7 processor of the 9th generation. Clevo’s NH70 display measures 17.3 inches. The maximum resolution is 3840×2160

Why should you purchase the Clevo N70 laptop?

This laptop is a great choice for those who want to enjoy high-quality gaming and multimedia experiences.

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